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The forks, it's a ordeal! You never know how to really get rid of it.

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    The forks, it’s a ordeal! You never know how to really get rid of it.

    What are forks?

    First, you should know that the hair is composed of scales called cuticles. And when the protective layer is damaged, your hair becomes much more fragile. The forks appear when there is a split of the hair, that is to say, the tip of the hair splits. Then, the ends being the oldest parts of the hair, because they grow and become the ends, they are damaged more easily. The horse can come from the sky until the end of the world.

    Where do they come from?

    Different more or less frequent styling damages the outer protective layer of the hair, which weakens it and makes it prone to split ends. Différents coiffages plus ou moins fréquents endommagent la couche protectrice externe du cheveu, ce qui l’affaiblit et le rend sujet aux pointes fourchues. Then, too vigorous brushing of the scalp is also to be avoided. In addition, colorations and discolorations are also a factor in the appearance of split ends, because the products weaken your hair. So space them out as much as possible (by several months)! Then, a healthy diet is important such as eating green vegetables, fruits (vitamins) or drinking plenty of water which will provide nutrients and minerals necessary to strengthen your hair fiber. And, the friction of the tips on the clothes also causes forks. Finally, ban styling products, limit your tobacco consumption and learn to stay zen.

    How to get rid of it?

    The longer you wait before cutting the forks, the more the fork will go up on the hair towards the root. Cutting your hair therefore gives them a sharper look. But cutting your hair does not ensure that you will never have it again. Therefore, a device capable of eradicating them would be a wonderful invention. And it exists! It is a device named “Fork Remover” which is used as a hair straightener so easy to use. However, this one exterminates the forks. Very popular with hairdressing professionals, it allows you to cut the forks in addition to making the hair shiny, strengthening and protecting the fragile ends.

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