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  • HAIRCUT and blow-dry 70-90€
  • Evening or special occasion hair style On demand
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  • Shampoo + blow-dry 40-60€
  • Evening or Special occasion hair style 60 - 130€
  • Bride hair style On demand

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    Depending on the goal, haircuts are conditionally divided into creations and haircuts for every day. The Paris hairstyle is designed to highlight the image of a person and, at each face shape and each age corresponds a haircut.

    In hairdressing everything is about balance, the professionals cut and style according to the shape of the face, the style of dress, personality and especially age. A very short cut does not go to everyone like long hair. A consultation with a hairdressing professional will allow you to highlight your natural assets and correct any defects.

    Since the dawn of time, over the years, we have tended to always style ourselves in the same way because we find that it corresponds well to our personality, that we control the maintenance and that we do not dare the unknown. But, it would be necessary to adapt the hair to his age to be well and feel good, quite simply. You can confide in a professional hairdressing Paris to be advised in the choice of your hair desires as well, dare to move to a style of hairstyle more suited to your image.

    At PUR, professionals use products known and recognized beneficial to all types of hair (Ekperience, SachaJuan, Amazon Series, Replex treatments…).

    So, PUR Maison de beauté Paris at all you need, you will come out of the salon rejuvenated and confortable with yourself.

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