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  • Botoxx for hair 80-200€
  • Intensive Hair treatment +50€
  • SPA coenzyme Natural Hair treatment +30€
  • Brasilian Hair straightening 120-350 €
  • Hair extensions on demand
Coloring / Highlights Sign up right now
  • Sun effect (lightening 5 strands of 2 tones)
  • Root coloring (3cm)
  • Color additional dose +30€
  • Toner / Gloss +40€-60€
  • Balayage / Highlights +105-150€
  • Additional haircut +40€

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    A modern hairdressing salon is not only an establishment where you can quickly get a haircut, but it is the place where the art of beauty is born, where hairdressers and stylists use all the experience and knowledge transmitted from one era to another to create the most extraordinary hairstyles. The hairdresser takes everything into account: the condition of the hair, the type of face and the morphology of the client, his style etc. This approach even allows you to completely change your appearance, become a completely different person, and this only with a simple visit to the hairdresser.

    However, creating a new hairstyle without taking into account the condition of your hair is not a good approach. Problems related to the condition of the hair such as too brittle, dry or, on the contrary, oily hair will have an impact on the result and the hold of your hairstyle. It will be impossible to achieve a balayage or a lightening of several tones in case of damaged hair, the cut will not have the desired volume if the scalp is oily. For this reason, the stylist hairdresser, in addition to the cut, will be required to advise you on the best hair care to restore the elasticity, strength and natural shine of your hair. We use cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. You can opt for a hair treatment at the salon and / or at home. After a few visits, you will forget about your hair problems and find healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair!

    Our hairdresser open late invites not only ladies, but also gentlemen to come. Men’s hair requires no less attention than women’s hair. We make hairstyles for all occasions, from the simplest for every day to the most sophisticated for a special event. If you have not decided what you want, then just express your wishes to our stylist hairdresser and he will advise you on the best possibilities for you.

    You can make an appointment online directly on our website, or by phone. We are located in the central part of Paris (on the Ternes district /Charles de Gaulle Star / Argentina). Joining us is very convenient! PUR is a hairdressing salon in Paris where you will meet a high level of service, a cozy atmosphere and real professionals in their field.

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    Dear guests,

      We are happy to announce that our PUR Beauty House Paris 6 Saint Germain is open .

    To confirm your appointement, a bank deposit will be requested.

    Cancellation / modification without fees 48 hours in advance. We can be reached on +337 69 81 59 00.

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