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Unit price*
Hairdressing services
Blow-dry 35€-55€
Split-ender remover + hair styling 40€-70€
+ Braid / Attach hair in addition to brushing Starting at 10€
Haircut and Blowdry / Styling 35€-70€ 70€
Haircut Girl -12 years 20€-50€
Bride hair style (trial included) 100€-150€
Evening or Special occasion hair style 40€-80€
​Diagnosis and personalised recommendations, care shampoo, hair care and styling products are included in our services
Hair SPA
Botox Deep hair care 80€ -150€
Intensive Hair care 40€-80€
Replex Hair care 25€-50€
​All our hair treatments include relaxing scalp massage.
Colouring / Balayage / Highlighting
Sun effect for natural hair 10€
Colouring roots +40€
Colouring dose +10€
Toner/Gloss +25€-50€
Balayage / Air touch / Ombré / Highlighting +60€- 150€
Personalised recommendations about the choice of the nuances/all our colourings and highlightings include mask for a sensational colouring and long-lasting effect as well as alive and kicking hair.
Personal hair style class 60min / 70€
Smoothing and Anti frizz Hair Straightening 120€ – 250€
Hair extension On quotation


A modern hair salon is not only a place where you can get your hair cut quickly, but it is the place where the art of beauty was born. Where hairdressers and stylists use all the experience and knowledge transferred from one era to another in order to create the most extraordinary hairstyles. The hairdresser takes everything into account – your hair condition, the form of your face, your morphology and your style etc. This approach allows you to look completely different, to become a new person with only one visit.

However, creating a new hairstyle without taking into account your hair condition is not a good approach. Problems related to the health of hair, such as split ends, dry hair or on the contrary oily scalp skin will have an impact on the result and the appearance of your hairstyle. It will be impossible to carry out a scan or a lightening of several tones in case of damaged hair and the cut will not have the desired volume if the scalp is oily. For these reasons, the stylist in addition to the cut, will be required to advise you on hair care to restore the elasticity, strength, natural shine of your hair. We use cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. You can opt for a hair treatment in the salon and / or at home. After a few visits, you will forget about your hair problems, and you will find your hair healthy, shiny and well styled!

Our hairdresser opens late, and does not invite only the ladies, but also the gentlemen. Men’s hair requires no less attention than women’s hair. We make hairstyles for all occasions, from the simplest for everyday to the most sophisticated for a special event. If you have not already found what you want, then just explain your wishes to the master, and he will select the best option for you.
You can make an appointment online directly on our website or by phone. We are located in the heart of Paris, close to L’Arc de Triomphe. Joining us is very easy! PUR is a hairdressing salon in Paris where you will meet a high services standing, a cozy atmosphere and real professionals in their field.

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