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Today, well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows are an integral part of a successful make-up.

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  • Eyebrow shape (creation) 35€
  • Eyebrow cleaning (maintenance every 3 weeks) 20€
  • Coloring of eyelashes or eyebrows (if henna +5 €) 30€
  • Shape and coloring of eyebrows 45€
  • BROW LIFT 55€

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    Today, well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows are an integral part of a successful make-up. The detail, which had not received so much attention before, now plays an important role in the formation of a woman’s image. It is enough to change the shape, as the geometry of the face changes.

    At the same time, one should not forget about naturalness. Everything should be as harmonious and natural as possible, such as the shape corresponding to the oval of the face, density, color, shade.

    In general, eyebrow care services can be divided as :

    • Creation of the desired shape and density, the oval of the face, the peculiarity of the eyes and their adjustment are taken into account ;
    • Correction carried out with tweezers, wax or thread ;
    • Dyeing, that is, the color, the paint are selected in addition to the skin color and the image of the person are taken into account.
    • Brow Lift également appelé le rehaussement des sourcils permet de rehausser les sourcils, tout en comblant les espaces clairsemées. Visually the eyebrows looked more dense and thick. This effect lasts for about a month.

    Each of these services is meticulous, almost works of art. The specialist works with each hair individually. Therefore, the duration of the procedure depends on the current condition of the eyebrows and the desired result.

    At the same time, it is important that the beautician uses cosmetics on a natural basis. It is also necessary to observe maximum sterility, especially in the process of removing unwanted hair.

    Before the procedures, the client receives a consultation from a cosmetologist and receives recommendations for care. Adhering to these tips, you can significantly prolong the effect.

    You can do eyebrows and Brow lift in Paris in our PURE beauty salon. We have specialists with extensive experience in cosmetology and styling, so you can safely entrust your beauty to us. We are open even later so that all customers can contact us. The procedures are carried out in a cozy and warm atmosphere, allowing you to relax as much as possible. You can register for an online consultation directly on the website or by calling the indicated phone number.

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