Waxing Paris 17


Full face (forehead, chin, cheeks) 80€ 25€
Lips or chin 25€ 10€
Underarms 40€ 16€
Lower legs 100€ 19€
Upper legs 130€ 23€
Full legs 180€ 35€
Upper or lower arms 80€ 15€
Full arms 100€ 20€
Bikini line 60€ 15€
Middle bikini 70€ 20€
Full bikini 90€ 35€
Stomach / Buttocks or Lower back 40€ 15€
For hair removal with EPILODERM or Sugaring extra charge Buy 6 services + 1 offered

Despite the fact that waxing is a relatively simple and well known service, it is better to trust it to specialists. Removing of unwanted hairs requires attention and skills, especially when it concerns the most sensitive areas of the body. Especially, when the waxing is realized by a specialist with big experience, it becomes much less painful, since all the movements of the cosmetologist are as accurate as possible. The main thing is to choose the right beauty salon with real professionals.

Waxing is still the most popular. Unlike other methods for removing hair on the body, it does not cause allergic reactions, and the list of contraindications is minimal, and mainly applies to people who have skin problems.

This procedure involves the use of warm and hot wax. In the first case, the temperature of the wax mass is 40 degrees, this is enough to remove hair from large areas such as legs, back, arms. In the second case, the temperature of the wax reaches 60 degrees, so that the hair pockets open better. Such waxing in Paris allows you to remove hair on sensitive areas of the body such as bikini, under arms and face.

After the service, our cosmetologists will recommend cosmetic products based your skin type. This will help to significantly reduce discomfort, and will lead to a quick calming of the skin. We use products based on natural ingredients.

If you are looking for where you can safely and efficiently make waxing in Paris, our beauty salon is at your service! We have experienced cosmetologists who take care of your beauty and health.


9 rue d'Armaillé, 75017 Paris


+337 69 81 59 00

Monday-Friday: 10.30am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-7pm

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