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All about waxing

All about waxing

Many women strive for smooth, pleasant-to-the-touch skin, considering hairlessness as a sign of self-care. Hair removal has long been seen as a hygienic gesture, but it has recently acquired an aesthetic dimension. Today, hair removal has become a daily practice for women, who remove unwanted hair to feel beautiful and attractive.

Since we often wear short outfits or swimsuits, the presence of body hair can compromise our appearance. Therefore, it is wise to consider hair removal before the arrival of warm weather to feel comfortable.

Nowadays, the fashion and beauty industry offers many methods to achieve soft and well-groomed skin effortlessly. To help you decide which hair removal method is best for you, we outline the pros and cons of each hair removal technique.

Types of hair removal

In principle, you have the choice between temporary hair removal, which you can carry out yourself or in the beauty salon, and permanent hair removal, which requires the use of a professional device.

Temporary hair removal methods include:

The razor: This is the simplest, quickest and most common method. The razor cuts hair at skin level without affecting the hair follicle. Shaving is suitable for all ages and can be done in all situations. However, its main disadvantage is the rapid regrowth of hair, sometimes the next day. Additionally, razor use can cause ingrown hairs and significant irritation.
The electric epilator: This method allows you to obtain perfectly shaved legs at home. The electric epilator pulls out the hairs along with their roots. Although this technique generally has no contraindications, it can cause irritation on particularly sensitive skin. Regrowth is slower, ensuring soft skin for up to 7 days.
Hair removal cream. A simple method consisting of using a special product that destroys the hair on the surface. Although hair removal with this method is completely painless, its results only last up to 2 days.
Waxing: This method, practiced at home or in a beauty salon, consists of applying heated wax to the skin, which is instantly removed with the hairs. When used regularly, this technique offers long-lasting and almost painless results.
Sugar hair removal: This alternative is based on the use of a sugar paste. The results last even longer than waxing, although for this method it is necessary to have a minimum hair length of at least 6mm.
Permanent hair removal methods: These methods involve the use of professional equipment and specific cosmetic products that act on unwanted hairs and their bulbs. They allow long-term, even permanent, elimination of unwanted hair. However, to obtain optimal and lasting results, several visits to the beautician are necessary, while scrupulously following their recommendations and advice.

Laser hair removal: Among the most common and popular methods, this allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of unwanted hair, providing a long-term effect of at least 5 years. A laser beam targets the hair follicle and the papilla that nourishes it, resulting in the destruction of the hair and its bulb. However, it is important to note that light and gray hairs can be more difficult to remove, typically requiring 5-7 sessions for long-lasting results.
Pulsed Light Hair Removal (IPL): This technique involves the use of a device that emits flashes of light to effectively destroy hair follicles. Not only is this method painless and risk-free, but it is also suitable for sensitive skin to avoid ingrown hairs. However, IPL hair removal is not suitable for gray or light hair. You will need at least 6 sessions to obtain results that will last up to four years.
Electrolysis: One of the oldest methods used in beauty salons consists of delivering an electrical pulse to each hair to completely destroy the hair follicle. Although this method takes longer and is potentially more painful, it has the advantage of allowing the removal of blonde, white and gray hairs.
IPL SHR hair removal: Hair removal with pulsed light combined with radiofrequency constitutes an innovative new generation method. This technology combines a beam of light that transforms into heat with an electrical pulse to target the hair bulb. IPL SHR hair removal is more widely effective in achieving permanent hair removal in just 8 to 10 sessions. This method is also suitable for removing light and gray hair, but may require a greater number of sessions to achieve the optimal result.
Its advantages and disadvantages. To choose the one that suits you best, it is essential to consult a hair removal specialist, who will be able to determine the optimal solution taking into account your individual characteristics as well as the desired effectiveness and the planned budget.


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