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Are you looking for an effective way to tone your body and eliminate cellulite?

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  • (anti-cellulite) discovery session : 30min - 50€, 45min - 75€, 60min - 95€
  • Course of 5 sessions 1 time / 6-10 days: 30min - 250€, 45min - 340€, 60min - 440€

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    Are you looking for an effective way to tone your body and eliminate cellulite? The action of VelaShape penetrates deep into the adipose tissues in order to activate metabolism and circulation to mobilize and redistribute fat. The emitted frequencies will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to tone the skin and make it smoother and firmer.

    The VelaShape 3, is based on a technique that combines infrared, radiofrequency and “palpate-roll” to mobilize the tissues. Vacuum suction will gently soften the skin, improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This suction also allows a uniform distribution of energy and a contraction of the treated areas. The goal is to reshape the body by treating areas with fat deposits and / or cellulite. In addition to a feeling of heat, a slight erythema is observed – temporarily. Note rare possible bruises that will resolve in a few days. You can resume your usual activity and a sports activity immediately after the session, but for optimal effectiveness, it is important not to eat 2 hours before and 2 hours after the session and drink plain water only.

    During the treatment, you will make a point with the beautician who received you during the first session, in order to possibly adjust the parameters and the zones.

    The results are visible at the 6th session, but VelaShape 3 can also relieve muscle pain thanks to massage and heat. It is effective in the long term only with a good lifestyle, because it is a question of emptying the adipocytes and not a destruction. This massage can be used preventively against the appearance of cellulite.

    You can perform VelaShape 3 sessions in Paris in our Pure beauty salon. All you have to do is call us to make an appointment, move around or make an appointment online. Trust your health only to professionals!

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