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  • Our specialists recommend the SMAS-lift as an innovative facial rejuvenation technique. You will no longer have no longer need to use a plastic surgeon to overcome the outward signs of skin aging. The procedure is available at any age stage, starting from the moment of the appearance of the first signs of dermal aging. See for yourself - SMAS-lifting truly works wonders!
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    SMAS-lift is the best alternative to plastic surgery

    Esthetician  doctors confidently call SMAS-lifting the best alternative to plastic surgery. Often cosmetological techniques can cope only with superficial fine lines and wrinkles and do not guarantee long-term effect. SMAS-lift targets  the underlying tissue cells, actively affecting the muscular-aponeurotic system. This layer is like the framework of our skin. Ultrasound allows not just to remove wrinkles and creases, but literally tighten the entire layer of the skin. Even without surgery, you can restore clear facial contours.


    Indications for the procedure

    Performing SMAS-lifting procedure involves the impact on the skin of an ultrasound of a certain frequency. The ultrafine beam briefly heats the skin area and restarts the synthesis of collagen. The procedure is recommended in the following cases:

    – visible age-related changes of the nasolabial triangle, facial oval

    – skin that has lost its turgor

    – chin laxity

    – malarial bags (puffiness on the cheekbones)

    – fuzzy, “slumped” facial contours

    – excessive swelling of the skin

    – fine and deep wrinkles, creases.

    SMAS-lifting gives excellent results for a long time. A lot  subsequently depends on the anatomical features of the person, his type of aging, possible bad habits
    and lifestyle.


    Benefits of the procedure

    Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting – a real discovery of medical cosmetology. Specialists note its undoubted advantages over many methods of rejuvenation:

    – Non-surgical technique. In order to thicken collagen fibres and stimulate the production of new ones, it is not necessarily necessary to tighten collagen fibres.
    to thicken collagen fibres and stimulate the production of new ones, it is not necessary to resort to traditional injections.

    – Single Session. For mild superficial wrinkles, a single treatment is often sufficient.

    – Long-lasting effect. The interval between repeated use of ultrasound is approximately 1.5-2 years or more. Cosmetologist individually for the client determines the period after which the procedure can be repeated.

    – Short rehabilitation period. During the recovery phase, it is sufficient to avoid in the the next couple of hours contact with hot water. In the first few days it is not recommended to visit
    bath or sauna. The use of exfoliating scrubs is inadmissible for two weeks.

    The price of SMAS-lifting is not higher than the cost of invasive techniques, which many clients avoid because of personal fear of injections.

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