Cryolipolysis Paris
Non-surgical liposuction – Cryolipolysis: 1 zone – 220 € + lipolazer session offered
Cure of 4 sessions 1 time/month: 1 zone – 700 €, 2 zones – 1300 €, 3 zones – 1600 €
RF sculpting massage (anti-cellulite) trial: 30min – 40 €, 45min – 50€, 60min – 65€
Treatment of 8 sessions 2-3 times/week: 30min – 190 €, 45min – 290€, 60min – 330€
Lipocavitation or RF with RF sculpting massage trial: 60 min – 70€, 1h15 – 90€
Treatment of 8 sessions 1-2 times/week: 60 min – 450€, 1h15 – 570€
Lipolazer trial 1 zone: 30 min – 30 €
Treatment of 5 sessions 1-2 times/week: 30 min – 120€, 60 min – 240€
Slimming anti-cellulite manuel massage 40min/55€
Slimming care Body Svelt 1h/65€

Cryolipolysis has become a real solution for those who would like to get rid of body fat but were afraid of surgery, and conventional methods have not helped. New innovations in innovative aesthetic technologies have spread around the world, but so far few salons have been able to offer them to their customers. First, it requires special equipment, and second, the qualifications of practitioners.

How does cryolipolysis work? This is essentially the cooling of fatty deposits. When the temperature of adipose tissue drops below a certain level, fat cells die. And then they are naturally eliminated by the body. So, it’s a natural way to get rid of the extra inches.

The effectiveness of the service largely depends on the person himself, in particular on his lifestyle, his ability to adhere to good nutrition, physical activity and of course, health conditions. However, in one session you can remove, on average, up to 30% of body fat from one area of the body.

A prerequisite for cryolipolysis is a medical examination. There are a number of diseases with which cryolipolysis is not compatible. In addition, cryolipolysis is not performed on pregnant women, and on people using a pacemaker.

Unlike surgical liposuction, the cryolipolysis session takes only about an hour. Anesthesia is also not necessary, even local. If there is discomfort from the cold, it disappears quickly, because the skin is numb and its sensitivity decreases. And after the procedure, you can immediately go about your business, no rehabilitation period is required.

You can perform sessions of cryolipolysis in Paris in our PUR Paris beauty salon. Just call us to make an appointment or make an appointment online. Entrust your health only to professionals!


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