Hydro peeling is an innovative skin cleansing procedure that uses air.

Our price list

  • HYDROFACIAL (JANSSEN) 45min / 95€
  • HYDROFACIAL (JANSSEN) 45min / 115€
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  • +RF lifting 15min / 30€
  • + Micro-courants 15min / 30€
  • +Chemical peeling 15min / 45€
  • + Micro dermabrasion 15min / 45€
  • +Manual massage 15min / 30€
  • +Face sculpting with Gua Sha stones 15min / 20€
  • +Vapozone and blackhead removal 30min / 45€
  • +Alginate mask 15min / 20€
  • +Oxygen Gun 15min / 30€
  • +Serum adapted to the skin type + apozone ultrasound 15min / 20€
  • +LED Mask 15min / 20€
  • +Mezoroller 25min / 40€

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    Hydro peeling is an innovative skin cleansing procedure that uses air. It is carried out using innovative equipment. Thanks to a special nozzle, the supply of useful components is carried out, this happens at high speed and therefore the skin absorbs all the elements well, while harmful substances, including toxins, are absorbed. At the same time, a well-being hydration of the skin occurs.
    This procedure is suitable for all skin types, even for particularly sensitive people. The cleaning is gentle and painless.

    Hydro peeling is used for :
    • Removal of wrinkles, including crow’s feet ;
    • Rejuvenation ;
    • Skin rashes and swelling ;
    * Improvement and restoration of skin elasticity.

    The Hydra Facial is suitable for all skin types. The universal technique combines several functions at once: stimulation of cells with vacuum, cleansing and moisturizing the face, saturation of cells with useful components.
    The start consists of three stages: surface, medium and deep cleaning. It is best to consult a beautician who can recommend the best solution(s), the number of sessions will depend on it. For surface cleaning, no more than 5 procedures are performed, while deep cleaning involves several sessions with a certain time interval.

    Hydro peeling in Paris is available at any time, and is offered in our beauty salon. You can make an appointment at the end of the day because our salon is open until 20h. Thanks to the ideal location of the institute, you can easily reach us. To register for the procedure, simply write to us online or call.

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