Russian manicure

The Russian manicure with gel polish is a very popular and demanded service, especially the last years.

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  • Russian manicure and regular base 45€
  • Russian manicure and regular polish 55€
  • Russian manicure and gel polish 65€
  • Gel refill with russian manicure and gel polish 85€-105€
  • Gel nail extensions From 105€
  • French +15€
  • Babyboomer +20€
  • Gel polish remove/without service 8€/15€
  • Nail design From 5€
  • Strengthening of natural nails gel/rubber base/acrylic powder +10€
  • Gel remove +20€

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    Russian manicure with gel nail polish is a very popular and demanded service, especially the last two years. The quality of this service is incomparable and the Russian manicure is carried out by specialists from Eastern Europe. In addition, our nail artists also have a rich imagination and offer the most unusual nail art, patterns and designs. This approach allows you to complement any style, from a working girl to a fashionista with nail art on your nails.

    However, Russian manicure is not only an interesting and well thought design, but also the use of a special technique with the help of a special device. Surprisingly, Russian manicure with the use of the device has become more widespread in Eastern Europe, while it was invented in Europe. Using the device for a manicure saves time and the result exceeds all expectations! Fast, comfortable and efficient – this is how this technology can be characterized.

    By using a device and rotating files, the risk of skin damage around the nails, and therefore the risk of infection, is reduced. Dead skin and cuticles are easily removed without damaging the surface of the skin. Russian manicure can be performed with a regular nail polish or a gel nail polish. The most well-known and requested Russian manicure is the one with gel nail polish. The application of gel nail polish also has its particularities which consist in applying a thicker base layer to strengthen the nail and correct defects in the surface of the nail. The gel nail polish is placed very close to the cuticles, or even “under cuticles”, which delays the appearance of regrowth and allows you to enjoy your impeccable Russian manicure between 2 and 5 weeks.

    However, there is an important condition. To get the perfect result and not damage your nails, you should do your Russian manicure only by qualified specialists. In addition, only sterile instruments should be used and the workplace of the nail artist should be clean. If you want to do a Russian manicure in Paris and be sure of the quality and safety, you should contact our beauty salon. Our nail technicians have rich experience of performing the technique of Russian manicure and perfect application of gel nail polish. You can make an appointment by phone or online.

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