Brazilian blowdry hair straightening or tannoplasty

Brazilian blowdry hair straightening or tannoplasty Paris
Smoothing and Anti frizz Hair Straightening or Tannoplasty 120€-250€

Brazilian keratin blowdry hair straightening is a relatively new trend in the beauty industry. But it is already used by many hairdressers and stylists, appreciating its effectiveness and safety. In particular, the treatment provides the following results:

  • Duration of the result for 5-6 months;
  • Hair strengthening;
  • No hair frizz;
  • Appearance of a natural shine of the hair;
  • Improvement of the thermal protection of the capillary structure;
  • Easy simple hair styling;
  • Comfort for the client.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort to do Brazilian straightening. Compared to the classic version, Brazilian hair straightening is faster and, above all, more safety for the hair.

The product used for Brazilian straightening does not contain formaldehyde. Actually, beauty should not require sacrifice, on the contrary, only healthy hair is considered as beautiful. This technique fulfills two functions at the same time – aesthetics and well-being. The composition includes components that provide protection against negative external factors, restore damaged hair and at the same time straighten it.

Before carrying out Brazilian straightening, you should consult your hairdresser. It is necessary to take into account the hair condition, its length (short, medium or long), their type and other criteria. It is also important to follow the recommendations for post-treatment care. In particular, it will be necessary to use shampoos without sulfate and without parabens.

The Brazilian hair straightening in Paris is offered by our PUR beauty salon, located in the center of Paris close to Arc de Triumph. It will be easy to reach us from any corner of the capital, in addition, we work late in the evening, so even our most busy customers can visit us. Entrust your beauty to experienced professionals!

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