Facial treatments

Our price list

  • HYDRA COMFORT CARE 45min / 65€
  • CLEAN CLOTHES (cleaning water, vapozone, ultrasons, etc. the comedians) 60min / 95€, 1h30/140€
  • Peeling FACIAL à l'HYDRA 60min / 95€, 1h30/140€
  • Acid peeling 45min / 105€
  • Peeling micro dermabrasion 45min / 95€
  • MESOLIFT WITHOUT NEEDLE Hyaluronic acid / collagen injections 1h / 130€
  • Treatment of 4 Mesolift sessions 1h et 3x30min / 260€
  • PHOTO REJUVENATION/Correction of defects 15mn-40€, 30mn - 70€, 45min - 95€
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  • +RF lifting 15min / 30€
  • + Micro-courants 15min / 30€
  • +Chemical peeling 15min / 45€
  • +Manual massage 15min / 30€
  • +Vapozone and blackhead removal 30min / 45€
  • +Alginate mask 15min / 20€
  • +Mezoroller 15min / 20€
  • +LED Mask 15min / 20€

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    Our skin can tell a lot about us – our age, how often we do facial treatment, if we are stressed or happy, and much more. All our emotions, rhythm of life, habits and ecological situation are reflected on the skin condition. And our task with you is to maintain the perfect appearance, regardless of external factors.

    Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of tools and techniques for maintaining healthy body and face. At the same time, great attention is paid to injuries and safety. There is no longer any need to endure complex and painful procedures, especially in our beauty salon – we know how to take care of the comfort of our customers.

    Face and body care is carried out using cosmetics on a natural basis. This approach provides maximum efficiency, since natural components are used. Our specialist will select the ideal product for you, taking into account the type of skin and its condition, as well as your goals. These factors will determine the optimal number of sessions.

    The greatest result is enjoyed by anti-aging programs designed to prolong youth. With their help, you can clean the skin, relieve fatigue, increase firmness and elasticity.

    Face and body care also involves body shaping. It is not always possible to achieve the desired harmony due to diets. Moreover, it is known that long-term dietary restrictions lead to the opposite result, and sometimes to poor health. We offer modern and safe methods, starting with a special massage for weight loss.

    If you are visiting us for the first time, we recommend that you first go through a consultation with our cosmetologist who will conduct the diagnosis and select an individual program for you. Our face care services in Paris are available to everyone!

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