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Myofascial facial massage at the Institut de Beauté PUR

  • Our highly qualified estheticians have expertise in the field of medical and aesthetic cosmetology. Although myofascial massage involves manual manipulation, it is important to emphasise that it should only be carried out by an experienced specialist. Self-medication is not recommended, as it carries the risk of complications that could affect your appearance. Entrust your beauty to the professionals at the PUR Beauty Institute, and rest assured that you will be delighted with the results.
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    Myofascial massage – the magic of manual therapy

    Myofascial facial massage is a manual technique that targets the deep facial fascia, the connective tissue between the muscles. It is considered a safe and highly effective method for treating the visible signs of skin ageing. This approach combines the classic principles of special techniques to use while working on the fascias. It also  requires an in-depth  knowledge of facial anatomy and the location of nerve endings by estheticians. Combined with other methods, this massage technique can be the starting point for your transformation.



    Myofascial massage is a non-surgical facelift that does not involve injections. The cosmetologists recommend this technique in the following cases:

    – General decrease in muscle tone

    – Loss of skin elasticity and suppleness

    – Swelling

    – Pockets under the eyes

    – Blurred facial contour

    – Double chin

    – Drooping corners of the mouth

    – Visible facial asymmetry

    – Marionette lines formed at the corners of the mouth and down towards the chin.

    Myofascial facial massage is generally recommended from the age of 30, when the first signs of skin ageing begin to appear.  Younger patients generally do not require work on the facial muscles.




    In addition to the advantages of facial massage, this technique offers other benefits:


    – Safety: as all the manipulations are carried out by an experienced cosmetologist, the service is risk-free

    – Non-invasive technique: Myofascial massage rejuvenates the skin without the need for injections or cosmetic surgery

    – Painless: The aestheticians  movements are slow and gentle, that relax tense and spasmodic muscles and  providing a pain-free experience

    – Personalised approach: The treatment method is tailored to each patient

    – Versatility of the procedure: This complex technique resolves many problems  and improve overall skin tone.


    Often described as “sculptural”,  the  myofascial massage tightens muscles and creates well-defined facial contours. This technique is also recommended in the post after plastic surgery, but it should be carried out after a period of body recovery.



    The positive feedback on myofascial massage is well-founded, supported by the photos of patients who have tried this service. Comparing the before and after results, the difference is obvious:

    – Facial contours become sharper

    – Signs of skin ageing are reduced

    – Wrinkles and folds are reduced

    – Swelling and bags under the eyes disappear

    – The complexion is revitalised

    – Skin pores are tightened

    – Asymmetry is corrected.

    After the sessions, collagen synthesis is intensified, blood circulation is stimulated and muscular tension disappears. The increase in blood micro circulation triggers internal metabolic processes that contribute to the elimination of toxins. Many people notice a general improvement in their well-being, a reduction in sinus congestion and
    headaches. The benefits of myofascial massage can be felt not only in terms of outward beauty and youthfulness, but also in terms of a sense of well-being.



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