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Hairdressing services
Split-ender remover + blow-dry 40€-70€
Shampoo / Styling 20€-40€ 25€-50€
+ Braid / Attach hair in addition to brushing Starting at 10€
Haircut and Blowdry / Styling 35€-70€ 45€-75€
Haircut Girl -12 years 20€-50€
Bride hair style (trial included) 100€-150€
Evening or Special occasion hair style 40€-80€
​Diagnosis and personalised recommendations, treatment shampoo, hair care and styling products are included in our services.
Hair SPA
Botox Deep hair care 80€ -150€
Intensive hair care Starting at 40€
Replex hair care Starting at 25€
​All our hair treatments include relaxing scalp massage.
Colouring / Balayage / Highlighting
Sun effect for natural hair Starting at 10€
Colouring roots +40€
Colouring dose +10€
Toner/Gloss +25€-50€
Balayage / Air touch / Ombré / Highlighting +60€- 150€
Personalised recommendations about the choice of the nuances / All our colourings and highlightings include mask for a sensational colouring and long-lasting effect as well as alive and kicking hair.
Personal hair style class 60min / 70€
Smoothing and Anti frizz Hair Straightening 120€-250€
Hair extension On quotation *For the hair under shoulders additional fees will be charged.

Do you want a bright and unique look? Then you should definitely think about highlight! The birthplace of balayage is France, the global trendsetter. It is not surprising that it was here that they guessed it was advantageous to play on the contrast of colors. However, this is far from a new technique, it was already popular in the early 80s of the last century. And today it has become in demand again, especially due to the fact that new technique have appeared to improve it.

Of course, the main question we may have, what is the difference between a balayage and highlighting? During a balayage, there is no sharp borders, as in highlighting, and the execution is simpler, easier. And the borders of the colors are smooth and very natural.

What are the benefits of highlight? First of all, the hair gets a well-looked appearance over a long period of time, visually increase in volume. Secondly, they are damaged less, since they were painted not along the entire length, but only partially. Thirdly, the effect of balayage looks very natural and the roots grow gradually, without a clear border. The Balayage has different types of this technique that have become known on their own: air touch, ombre, tie and dye and others.

Another undoubted advantage of the highlight method is that it suits everyone. There are no restrictions on the age and length of the hair (except for very short haircuts). But such a service is not recommended for dry and damaged hair, firstly it will be necessary to treat your hair, is not difficult, if you trust it to a qualified hair stylist.

Coloring of hair with this technique can take some time. But if you are afraid that you do not have time to get to the hairdresser salon after work, do not worry! Highlight and coloring of hair services in Paris are available in our beauty salon, and we work even late in the evening. At the same time, we are located geographically in the most convenient part of Paris, and coming to us will be very simple and quick. You can book in advance online.


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