Do you want to change your look or add something new to your current look? Then you definitely need a colorist in Paris for a hair makeover!

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  • Sun effect (lightening 5 strands of 2 tones) 10€
  • Root coloring (3cm) 105-125€
  • Color additional dose +20€
  • Patina / Gloss 100-150€
  • Balayage / Highlights 105-250€

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    Do you want to change your look or add something new to your current look? Then you definitely need a colorist in Paris for a hair makeover! The advantage of this makeover is that you don’t have to change anything radically. It is enough to change the hairstyle and hair color.

    However, in order to successfully make the change and have the desired result, it is important to call on a real professional. Only an experienced hairdresser will be able to tell which color will best suit your hair and the hairstyle that will go with your body type, your skin color, your eyes and your style. Then, he will choose a high-quality coloring according to the current color and the condition of the hair which will guarantee a perfectly uniform and radiant color that will last a long time.

    The colorist hairdresser also uses special materials not intended for home use, with the help of which it is possible to achieve amazing results. For example, it is possible to create the effect of more voluminous and luminous hair only thanks to a specific technique, be it balayage, highlights, tie and dye, airtouch, ombré or others.

    Another important point, the hairdresser-colorist knows how to work not only with healthy hair, but also weakened hair after poor-quality or failed hair coloring. We may be tempted to do a hair coloring ourselves, but not knowing how to respect good proportions of the hair coloring according to the condition of the hair. As a result, the hair structure is damaged and the new coloring much less successful. The hairdresser-colorist will help you choose a hair-friendly product that will have a restorative effect, and the hair, in addition to color, will have shine, density and suppleness.

    If you are looking for a colorist hairdresser in Paris, then our hair salon will be happy to welcome you! Our hair colorists have extensive experience and knowledge and are constantly learning new techniques in the field of hairdressing. Therefore, we can offer you all types of techniques that are popular today. You can make an appointment with the hairdresser by phone or online.

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