Skin cleaning

Skin cleansing is certainly the most important and most recommended care.

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  • PURE TAILOR-MADE CARE (ultrasonic skin cleaning) 60min / 95€, 1h30 / 140€
  • HYDRA FACE peeling 60min / 95€, 1h30 / 140€
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  • + Levage RF 15min / 30€
  • + Micro-courants 15min / 30€
  • + Peeling chimique 15min / 45€
  • ++Microdermabrasion 15min / 45€
  • +Manual massage 15min / 30€
  • +Face sculpting with Gua Sha stones 15min / 20€
  • +Vapozone and blackhead removal 30min / 45€
  • +Alginate mask 15min / 20€
  • +Oxygen Gun 15min / 30€
  • +Serum adapted to the skin type + apozone ultrasound 15min / 20€
  • +LED Mask 15min / 20€
  • +Mezoroller 25min / 40€

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    Facial cleaning is perhaps the most important and useful facial treatment. After all, the best makeup is no makeup, it means clean and healthy skin, which has smoothness, elastic structure and natural color. It is not surprising that this service is considered the most popular, and it must be carried out regularly and before important event.

    What is it? This is a cleansing of the upper layer of skin, in which comedons, sebum, and pollution usually accumulate. Penetrating into the pores, they remain there, not only changing the skin tone, but often causing inflammation. Therefore, they must be removed regularly to maintain healthy skin.

    Facial cleansing involves various methods:

    • Manuel, using steaming and special tools to remove grease comedons, blackheads, sebum and pollution. After the facial, a calming mask is required;
    • Ultrasonic, to remove the dead cells of skin. This procedure is less traumatic compared to the manuel method. It can be used both separately and in addition to other types of skin cleansing;
    • Peeling, which can be mechanical and chemical. For mechanical peeling we use machines with abrasive particles to remove dead cells, such as diamond microdermabrasion. Chemical peeling involves the use of special solutions with acids.

    The cosmetologist adapts skin cleansing and its techniques according to the condition and type of skin, the presence of diseases or inflammations.

    Quality and ultra-efficient of skin cleaning facial in Paris are offered by our beauty salon PUR Maison de beauté. Our cosmetologists will select for you the ideal treatment that will pleasantly surprise you not only by its result, but also by its duration.

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