Lymphatic drainage by pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a non-invasive method of lymphatic drainage

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  • full body discovery session 30 min – 50€
  • full body discovery session 60 min – 75€
  • Course of 5 sessions 1-2 times / week 30 min – 190€,
  • Course of 5 sessions 1-2 times / week 60 min – 260€

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    Pressotherapy is an apparatus massage procedure performed using compressed air. It is pumped under pressure into a special suit, which is connected to an automated control unit. With the help of software, the cosmetologist smoothly changes the pressure range and, thus, the force exerted on the body.

    The suit consists of pants, sleeves and a belt. Massage can be performed both as a complex and selectively: on legs, arms or other problem areas. The suit is designed taking into account the anatomical features of the human body and provides full comfort during the pressotherapy procedure.

    The essence of pressotherapy is the change of high and low pressure, which creates the effect of “massage waves”. Compressed air massages tissues, muscles, venous capillary vessels. Pressotherapy is one of the most popular procedures for clients of the house of beauty “PUR Paris”. It allows to restore blood circulation, relieve fatigue and swelling of arms and legs, and improve tone. 


    Indications for pressotherapy


    Before visiting the PUR Paris house of beauty, please consult your physiotherapist. In most cases the procedure is prescribed for body shaping, but in some cases it has a good effect in recovery after injuries, surgeries, fractures. A course of pressotherapy helps to get rid of excess weight, normalize metabolic processes in the body. Harmful substances and foreign elements accumulated by the organs get into the lymph and in the process of natural circulation are removed through the urinary system.

    The pressotherapy procedure is absolutely painless, any discomfort and uncomfortable sensations are excluded. The client is in complete relaxation, and the body feels pleasant warmth and fatigue.

    Pressotherapy treatments are often prescribed for:

    • cellulite and soft tissue swelling;
    • skin laxity;
    • decreased immunity;
    • venous and capillary insufficiency;
    • chronic fatigue and hypodynamia;
    • sleep disorders due to stress;
    • muscle spasms.

    To learn more about the session of pressotherapy, the cost of services, duration of the procedures you can call the contact us at any time.




    Pressotherapy has a toning effect on whole muscle groups, but in some cases it is contraindicated. Namely in:

    • chronic renal failure;
    • menstrual cycle and during pregnancy;
    • tuberculosis and epilepsy;
    • presence of a pacemaker;
    • diseases of internal organs;
    • cardiovascular pathologies.

    Pressotherapy does not eliminate diseases, it only gives a powerful boost to the body and activates the immune system.


    The effect of pressotherapy in the PUR Paris house of beauty 

    Pressotherapy has a complex positive effect on the body. The procedure is absolutely painless and without discomfort for the client. Regular sessions allow:

    • reduce edema caused by hypodynamia ;
    • feel renewed vigor and energy;
    • overcome chronic fatigue;
    • reduce the risk of thrombosis;
    • slow down the aging process of the skin.

    To achieve the best effect, the esthetician always selects the pressotherapy course individually, taking into account the client’s physiological characteristics, age, gender and current state of health.


    How often you should do the pressotherapy 


    The number of sessions of pressotherapy is always determined by a cosmetologist individually. On average, it takes 13-15 procedures to achieve the desired effect and get the desired results.A recovery period of 2-4 days is required between each session. The body needs to adapt to the positive changes and eliminate harmful substances.

    A repeat course is prescribed not earlier than in six months. Remember that pressotherapy is the best disease prevention for an organism with weakened immunity.

    We are waiting for you in the house of beauty “PUR Paris” at any convenient time and day of the week!

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