Permanent IPL SHR laser hair removal

Permanent IPL SHR laser hair removal Paris 17
Permanent IPL SHR laser hair removal in Paris
Full face (forehead, chin, cheeks) 80€
Lips or chin 25€
Underarms 40€
Lower legs 100€
Upper legs 130€
Full legs 180€
Upper or lower arms 80€
Full arms 100€
Bikini line 60€
Middle bikini 70€
Full bikini 90€
Stomach / Buttocks or Lower back 40€
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If you want to avoid doing waxing or shugaring regularly, you should consider Permanent IPL SHR laser hair removal in Paris. This is definitive. You may need 4-10 sessions to remove definitely even the finest and smallest hairs on a selected part of the body, but you will then be completely freed from the need to experience the discomfort of hair removal again and even.

The procedure involves the use of IPL SHR (Super Hair Removal). It is a safe and very effective technique used today all over the world. Of course, it has some contraindications, so be sure to consult a cosmetologist before. Avoid cosmetologists who are ready to perform definitive hair removal without prior diagnosis.

In addition, the cosmetologist will give recommendations on the preparation of the procedure. And in full compliance, the procedure will be safe. And you will see the result after the first session, and it will certainly delight you!

If even the slightest discomfort is a problem for you, you can use local anesthesia. Although most modern devices have integrated cooling systems, they significantly reduce even a slight burning sensation.

Contrary to popular myths and misconceptions, the machine used for hair removal does not harm the skin, does not cause oncology or health problems. The maximum possible is a slight redness of the skin due to heating. The redness goes away in a day and doesn’t cause a lot of problems. Of course, if the procedure was performed correctly, by an experienced cosmetologist and using modern equipment.

Our PUR beauty salon offers qualified and affordable services of Permanent IPL SHR laser hair removal in Paris. We are located in the central part of Paris, and work late into the evening, so we are ready to meet even our busiest customers.


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