Oriental sugar hair removal or sugaring is becoming an increasingly popular type of hair removal.

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  • Full face (forehead, chin, cheeks) 45€
  • Down lips or chin 17€
  • Armpit 23€
  • lower legs 35€
  • upper legs 40€
  • Full legs 55€
  • Belly or buttocks or lower back 25€
  • lower arms 20€
  • middle bikini 35€
  • full bikini 55€

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    Sugaring hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular type of hair removal. Despite the fact that the technique has been known since Antiquity, it only started to be widely used in the world during the last decade. This is largely due to the fact that beauticians are used to using wax and were not ready to adapt alternative options.

    However, sugaring hair removal is much safer and less painful for two reasons:

    • The sugar paste does not contain harmful, toxic or chemical components and therefore does not cause skin irritation. Therefore, sugaring is suitable even for people with sensitive skin;
    • The elimination of the sugar paste is not carried out against the direction of hair regrowth, as is the case with wax, but in the direction of regrowth. So the pain is much lower. If you were afraid of waxing, you can try this particular technique.

    Another indisputable advantage is that sugaring is hypoallergenic. The composition of the sugar paste does not include components that can cause allergies. Thus, the procedure is safe for allergy sufferers.

    Of course, certain conditions must be respected. Not only the efficiency of the sugaring depends on it, but also the well-being of the client. And the main condition is the choice of a professional hair removal esthetician who can determine the type of skin, its condition, the presence or absence of inflammatory processes or injuries. If everything is in order, the beautician will make recommendations before sugaring, which should be followed.

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