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Are you looking for an effective way to look younger? We have an innovative solution for you.

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    Are you looking for an effective way to look younger? We have an innovative solution for you. Radiofrequency and Microcurrent are two techniques using two separate devices with the aim of facial rejuvenation and an anti-aging effect.

    Radiofrequency is a device that will send electromagnetic waves and high frequency currents that will make it possible to raise the temperature in the depths of the dermis and the hypodermis without heating too much. The increase in temperature will increase blood circulation and cellular metabolism which will create fibroblastic stimulation as well as tissue changes (collagen).

    The ideal Microcurrent for revitalizing the face (radiance, density and redesigned oval) will meanwhile increase the growth and skin cell activity to reactivate collagen synthesis. With the help of a gel, the current will be diffused in low intensity for 15 to 30 minutes. The number of sessions in order to obtain good results varies between 10 and 20 depending on your age, then a session every 1 to 2 months can be scheduled for maintenance and thus prevent skin aging.

    Contraindications : this treatment is prohibited for people with an electronic medical device. In rare cases, redness and irritation may appear but they will resolve quickly.

    Radiofrequency and Microcurrent in Paris are available at any time, in our beauty salon. You can make an appointment at the end of the day, because our salon is open until 20h.

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