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Lashes raising and coloring 75€

For those who do not want for some reason to do eyelash extensions, there is a Lashes Raising. The procedure consists to apply different products with special nutrients, which allow achieving lengthening and density of eyelashes, as well as their luster. A Lashes Raising makes possible significantly save time on makeup, especially you will no longer need to use mascara – a rich black shine lasts for a long time.

The service of eyelashes raising lasts about one hour, all this time you keep your eyes closed (a great opportunity to take a break and have a sleep). First, the cleaning and degreasing of the eyelashes are done. The eyelids are covered with a cream that helps soften and smooth the skin. Then, to give the eyelashes the desired shape, a silicone patches are fixed on them. That’s why you can’t do it yourself. And why, if the prices of Lashes Raising are more than affordable?

How long does the result last? About 1 and 2 months, depending on the structure of the lashes, genetic characteristics and some other factors. After the end of the result, the procedure can be repeated, however, a break is needed between procedures. Safe frequency is once every 2-3 months, not more often.

It is important not to get scared for the first effect. Immediately after the procedure, the eyelashes can be clumped, hardened. This is a completely normal, and it disappears on the next day. As a result, there is splendor, shine, a spectacular beautiful bend, softness. Quality services for Eyelash Raising in Paris are offered by our beauty salon PUR Paris Beauty House. Entrust your appearance to experienced eyelash artists!


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