Eyelashes extensions

Eyelash extensions
Lashes Extension 120€
Lashes Extension 3D or 4D Starting at 150€

Eyelashes extension are very popular since several years already. Not everyone has a chance to have long and thick eyelashes naturally, and if there is an opportunity to correct this annoying accident, then it is certainly worth using.

The advantage of eyelashes extensions is that you can achieve exactly the effect that you need. You can choose a natural effect for every day and office style or create some special and unique style such as aggressive sexuality or fantasy. Just tell your eyelashes artist about your desire, and she will do everything.

Perform eyelash extensions using monofilament. Contrary to myths and misconceptions, they do not use animal fur or silk for this procedure, only hypoallergenic synthetics, which are more stable and reliable in their structure. In addition, artificial fiber provides eyelashes with elasticity, flexibility and an attractive sheen.

Naturally a person has all eyelashes of different sizes, artificial ones should also differ in length and thickness along the entire growth line. At the same time, the price of eyelash extensions does not change, it is calculated for the service in general, based on the technology and the volume. The length starts from 7 mm, and can reach 14-15 mm to create a sophisticated style. The maximum thickness is 0.25 mm, otherwise naturalness will be lost.

In addition to the classic natural effect of eyelashes extensions, you can also choose doll, fox, russian or color effect. It is also possible to choose the volume, including simple, double or triple to get maximum of density. Modern cosmetology offers a wide variety of options. And you can order eyelash extension services in our beauty salon in Paris, which is located near of Arc de Triomphe.


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