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Endosphere in Paris is a revolutionary method to reshape your body and get rid of cellulite.

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  • We offer Endosphere treatment therapy to improve your body silhouette and strengthen the tone of the skin. Results become noticeable after the first session, but for the greatest effect we advise to do a full course of the treatment. Our experts recommend using the Endosphere device not only for the slimness of the body, but also for the overall health of the body. Combining the Endosphere treatment with other massage procedures with lymphatic drainage will also deliver a greater result . To return the figure slimness, skin elasticity and firmness, use the help of our beauty salon specialists.
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    Endosphere  for beautiful figure and healthy skin

    Modern cosmetology opens up wide opportunities and allows quickly and painlessly transform your figure or improve your skin condition. A comprehensive program of healing and modeling of body contours is carried out by an innovative procedure known as Endosphere therapy. This is a non-invasive deep massage technique for  muscles, aimed at combating cellulite and excess weight. Cylindrical apparatus uses compression vibration technique that actively affect the vascular and lymphatic system. The reviews of the “Endosphere” procedure are the best proof that the technique actually works.



    Indications of the procedure

    The Endosphere device  comes in form of a cylindrical arm with small vibrating plates in the form of honeycombs. The deep massage technology allows you to solve a number of problems in a short period of time.

    What it can treat :
    – manifestation of cellulite of various degrees of severity

    – excess body weight

    – laxity and insufficient skin turgor

    – visible stretch marks and scars

    – swelling, fluid stagnation in the body

    – obstructed circulation of venous blood

    – muscle spasms or the effect of “clogged” muscles.

    Endosphere therapy for figure correction affects the problem areas of the body  by actively stimulating the lymph and destroying fatty tissues.



    Advantages of the Endosphere technique

    Specialists highlight the following advantages of the compression vibration technique:

    – Safety. Vibrating at a certain frequency microspheres do not violate the integrity of the skin and do not leave bruises or  haematomas.

    – Non-invasive technique. The method does not involve the introduction of injections, which many clients are sometimes wary of.

    – No painful sensations. On the contrary, the deep massage relaxes the muscles and the client feels only warmth and lightness after the treatment.

    – Individual approach. The mode operation of the device is selected individually for each patient.

    – Versatility of the procedure. The technique involves a comprehensive solution to several problems.

    – No rehabilitation period. The only thing ,  doctors recommend  is to reduce  heavy physical activity for a short period of time.


    All of our clients who have already tried the Endosphere procedure have always had positive feedback and results. are always positive. Numerous experiments have proven that the methodology does:

    – stimulates the active synthesis of elastin and collagen, responsible for skin elasticity

    – triggers the processes of lymphatic drainage, contributing to the rapid cleansing of toxins

    – improves blood supply to tissues

    – tones blood vessels, which is an excellent prevention of varicose veins

    – relaxes muscles, which is especially important in case of muscle spasms

    – improves metabolism

    – eliminates the appearance of cellulite

    – breaks down fat deposits, returning the figure slimness.

    Judging by the photo, endosphere therapy gives amazing results even without dietary restrictions or additional exercise. However, esthetician doctors  still recommend further  to maintain  a healthy lifestyle.


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